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As it embarks on its 10th year of existence during the 2016-17 school year, West Forsyth High School is a comprehensive high school located west of Cumming, Georgia.  Currently under the leadership of Heather Gordy, West is proud to offer an extensive curriculum that includes 29 Advanced Placement courses and 8 Career Pathways.  West also offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities and competes in GHSA Region 5- AAAAAAA, part of the largest and most visible athletic classification in Georgia! We are proud of what we do at West Forsyth High School where we are Inspiring Innovative Leaders."

Inspiring Innovative Leaders

To provide the students of West Forsyth High School a
comprehensive education preparing them to inspire, innovate, and lead.

Extra Curricular Activities

West Forsyth High School offers many extracurricular clubs! Almost any student will be able to get involved in one of the various clubs. We've highlighted some of the fan favorites!

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 Beta Club

The purpose of the Beta Club is to recognize academic achievement, promote the ideals of character, develop leadership skills, encourage service involvement, and provide technological advantages to students in grades 5-12.  The Beta Club is an invitation-only, student-centered organization open to students in grades 10 through 12.


DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe. With nearly a 70-year history, DECA has impacted the lives of more than ten million students, educators, school administrators and business professionals.

Equestrian Team

 Committed to providing student athletes with education in equine sports, organized competitive opportunities, and preparation to advance to collegiate competition. We generally promote the common interest of safe riding instruction and competition and education on matters related to the horse industry and all segments thereof.

 National Art Honor Society

The NAEA began the NAHS program specifically for high school students for the purpose of inspiring and recognizing those students who have shown an outstanding ability in art. The NAHS also strives to aid members in working toward the attainment of their highest potential in art areas, and to bring art education to the attention of the school and community.

The Union

Created to develop, maintain and extend a sense of inclusion and acceptance of students with various abilities throughout the school. They help provide companionship for students with special needs through socialization. The club meets once a month on Wednesday at 7:45 am in room 1917 and take part in a variety of group activities designed to facilitate socialization among the members.

VEX Robotics


 Provides students with a technical learning experience and can make the learning process an absolute BLAST!  The club will build students understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, along with helping them to learn to organize themselves better. Students in the competitive club typically spend about 4 to 8 hours a week, sometimes more on their bots, with most of the hours being flexible hours.



  • Boys Cross Country
    • Boys Varsity Cross Country
    • Boys Junior Varsity Cross Country
  • Cheerleading
    • Varsity Competitive Team
    • Junior Varsity Competitive Team
  • Football
    • Varsity Football
    • Junior Varsity Football
    • Freshman Football
  • Girls Cross Country
    • Girls Varsity Cross Country
    • Junior Girls Varsity Cross Country
  • Softball
    • Varsity Softball
    • Junior Varsity Softball
  • Volleyball
    • Varsity Volleyball
    • Junior Varsity Volleyball
    • Freshman Volleyball


  • Boys Basketball
    • Boys Varsity Basketball
    • Boys Junior Varsity Basketball
    • Boys Freshman Basketball
  • Boys Swimming
    • Boys Varsity Swimming
    • Boys Junior Varsity Swimming
  • Girls Basketball
    • Girls Varsity Basketball
    • Girls Junior Varsity Basketball
    • Girls Freshman Basketball
  • Girls Swimming
    • Girls Varsity Swimming
    • Girls Junior Varsity Swimming
  • Wrestling
    • Varsity Wrestling
    • Junior Varsity Wrestling


  • Baseball
    • Varsity Baseball
    • Junior Varsity Baseball
    • Freshman Baseball
  • Boys Golf
    • Boys Varsity Golf
    • Boys Junior Varsity Golf
  • Boys Lacrosse
    • Boys Varsity Lacrosse
    • Boys Junior Varsity Lacrosse
    • Freshman Lacrosse
  • Boys Soccer
    • Boys Varsity Soccer
    • Boys Junior Varsity Soccer
  • Boys Tennis
    • Boys Varsity Tennis
    • Boys Junior Varsity Tennis
  • Boys Track
    • Boys Varsity Track
    • Boys Junior Varsity Track
  • Girls Golf
    • Girls Varsity Golf
    • Girls Junior Varsity Golf
  • Girls Lacrosse
    • Girls Varsity Lacrosse
    • Girls Junior Varsity Lacrosse
  • Girls Soccer
    • Girls Varsity Soccer
    • Girls Junior Varsity Soccer
  • Girls Tennis
    • Girls Varsity Tennis
    • Girls Junior Varsity Tennis
  • Girls Track
    • Girls Varsity Track
    • Girls Junior Varsity Track
  • Gymnastics


Teaching staff is top notch

"Outstanding high school! My daughter is a Sophomore at WFHS and we couldn't be more pleased with our experience at the school. The extra-curricular programs are outstanding and the teaching staff is top-notch."

A school that felt like home

"The best year of my life was spent here. There was a lot I would improve on if I was in the position to do so, but over all it was a school that felt like home. The teachers I had were phenomenal and their drama, chorus and performing arts programs are through the roof amazing. I wish every day I could go back and do it all again!"

Prepared both my daughters for college

"Nice school, great location and my daughters both went directly to the college they wanted after they graduated. Like any school you get out what you put in...from a parents point of view it's safe, has great teachers and prepared my daughters for college. They both got early accepts from GT and UGA. I say this school did what it should. Prepare kids for the next step!" 

High quality teachers who care

"This is a great school with highly qualified teachers who care about their students. I've had great experiences in my interactions with them and with the administration."

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Vickery Creek Middle

Vickery Creek Middle opened in 1999 and its first principal was Ms. Toni Eubank. The school opened with 700 students from Otwell Middle, which was over student capacity. It was named after the community, Vickery Creek, in which it is located.

 In 2016, Vickery Creek Middle School ranked better than 99.1% of middle schools in Georgia. It also ranked 3rd among 9 ranked middle schools in the Forsyth County School District.

"Both of my children attend VCMS, we live very closeby and we have found the faculty and the administration to be of the highest caliber. I attended private schools with small classes because the public schools were too full, but I must say that things have changed as VCMS has smaller classes and better teachers than I saw in private schools. In this district it is silly to pay for private schools when the state is offering the same for taxes you'll pay anyway. It is really a fine school."

"As a parent of a rising 6th grader I fell nothing but concern.. After one year, I can tell that I am SO GLAD my son is in this school. They have AWESOME administrators, staff and teachers!!!!"

DeSana Middle

 Our vision?  Simply put:

·         Inspire Ingenuity!

·         Explore Possibilities!

·         Embrace New Opportunities!

·         Establish Excellence!

·         And Thrive!

We are a school with a rich legacy, named after a remarkable couple in the Forsyth community, Jim and Jeanne DeSana.  The DeSanas were highly talented community members who were extraordinarily passionate about helping young people be successful.  For thirty plus years, they gave of their time . . .  their talents . . . their leadership . . . expertise . . . intellect . . .  and their monetary resources . . . all for the betterment of young people in our great community.

Liberty Middle

Liberty Middle opened in 2002, with Dr. Cindy Styles-Salloum as the school’s first principal. It was built to help alleviate student overcrowding at North Forsyth and Otwell middle schools. To recognize the lives lost in the series of four coordinated attacks by al-Qaeda upon the United States on Tuesday, September 11, 2001, the community recommended Liberty as the name of the new school. Liberty is defined as the power and resources to act to fulfill one’s own potential."

Liberty's Mission/Vision Statement:  Together, Patriots revolutionize, create synergy, transform the world and leave our legacy! 

Living up to our mission means that failure is not an option.  In order for all students to be successful, they must be active participants in their own learning and be committed to achieving to their highest potential. The Liberty staff is committed to their role in the success of all students. After reflecting on the first semester, we found that meeting our mission requires that some changes be made during the second semester. In order for students to achieve to their highest potential, they must:

  • Participate in their classroom assignments and complete the work.

  • Complete and return homework every time, on time.

  • Make up missed assignments when absent.

Students must be aware of the fact that at Liberty, failure is not an option.  They need to know that doing their best work at all times is how they become successful.  We appreciate your support in the expectation that your child will achieve success. 

"This school is amazing! This is my first year at liberty and I love it. I love how close nit the community is at this school. I think this would be great for any student that is coming to Liberty. Just remember that the teachers here are expecting great things from you and no slacking! In the end you will come out a lot better than you came in!"

""I have had two children go through Liberty Middle School. Overall: The teachers are great and really care about the kids and the office staff is friendly and helpful. I would agree with some of the negative critiques of the iTeam program, however, I will say that some kids learn better in this environment as it is a different approach to teaching. The extra-curricular programs are very good as well."

"Outstanding! We've had excellent teachers throughout our Liberty experience. Challenging excellerated/advanced programs as well as autism services. ITeam program promotes camaraderie, team spirit, and discipline that is missing in most schools these days." 

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Kelly Mill Elementary

We are a new school in our sixth year of existence in Cumming, Georgia; part of the award-winning Forsyth County School District. Our focus here at Kelly Mill is relationships. Relationships with our students, teachers, and community. It is through these relationships that we have established rigorous academics infused with the latest technology to accommodate our 21 Century learners. We invite you to visit and see why each day is a great day to be a Colt!

"So glad my kids are there! Love everyone there! Thank you Kelly Mill!"

"Great staff, wonderful administration.  Building is updated and the library and technology is great."

"Great school, helpful staff. And an awesome special needs program." 

Midway Elementary

As the most diverse school in a fast growing, affluent suburban county, Midway thrives. With high percentages of English Language Learners and Special Education students, raising achievement is both a priority and a challenge.

In 2001-2002 Midway was placed on the Federal Needs Improvement list. A new administration and refreshed vision “Midway…Where All Students Succeed” began a journey of sweeping change and improvement. Students are offered multiple instructional settings including co-teaching, small groups, and resource offerings.

Midway has 42 Certified Staff members and 21 Non-Certified staff members. Midway offers a number of support programs in addition to quality standards based instruction in the general education classroom. The EIP program assists students in reading and math when below grade level. Special Education provides instruction toward individual learning goals for qualifying students. ESOL provides additional instruction in language for students whose first language is not English. The gifted program provides unique learning opportunities to challenge the gifted.

Midway’s commitment to our families is evident in our parent education programs, Academic Parent Teacher Teams (APTT), the WatchDog Dads program and our active PTA.

Thanks to the dedication of students, parents, teachers, administrators and, community, the tradition of excellence continues.

"Best elementary school ever!  Last small elementary in the county.  Great teachers and principal

"What a warm and inviting school for kids to learn.  The staff and community are very welcoming."

Vickery Creek Elementary

Vickery Creek Elementary opened in 1997 with Mr. Mike Rosano as its first principal. The school was built to help alleviate overcrowding at Midway and Cumming elementary schools. It was named after the community, Vickery Creek, in which it is located. In 2016, Vickery Creek Elementary School ranked better than 94.2% of elementary schools in Georgia. It also ranked 10th among 20 ranked elementary schools in the Forsyth County School District

"We recently moved to this county because of the schools. We are so impressed with the teachers and staff. The school is fantastic! Our daughter looks forward to going to school each day. Her teacher is wonderful."

"The school works really hard to match each child with the teacher that will best help them learn and love learning. Even though the school is a lot larger than what we as parents grew up with, there is a small school feel to it. Our children feel very cared for and are known personally. The level of education has been excellent, problems have been addressed and the teachers have made themselves very available to us as parents."

Whitlow Elementary

Whitlow Elementary opened in 2009 with 1,000 students from Cumming, Shiloh Point and Vickery Creek Elementary Schools. Dr. Lynne Castleberry is the school’s first principal. A portion of the school land was donated by the Whitlow family. The school is named after the late Mr. George W. Whitlow, who had a retirement home on the parcel of land. Mr. Whitlow served his country in the United States Navy and played for the St. Louis Cardinals.  His family made the land donation to serve as a reminder for Mr. Whitlow’s love of his land and his love of children.

Whitlow Pledge: I will not waste this day. I will try my best, in all I do and say. I can do it! I believe in me. I am part of the Whitlow family.

"I have had 2 children "graduate" from Whitlow Elementary school and both continue success in Middle school and one in High School this year. The teachers are phenomenal and very dedicated to the students and communicative with the parents. This school gives a very small community feel even though it's part of such a large district. The teachers make this school great and give our children tremendous educational foundation to build on."  - a parent"

"What a GREAT school !! The teachers really care about the students. The school has great test scores. My experience is that the homework is not overly taxing. Some nights more than other - but overall reasonable. The admin is caring and responsive both to students and parents. It's a very program rich school - there are lots of resources to motivate and allow your child to be involved. From art and science fairs to additional help afterschool - this school has it all!!"

Sawnee Elementary

Sawnee Elementary opened in 1968 as part of a consolidation of Matt, Ducktown and Friendship schools. Mr. Ray Bennett was the first principal to the 640 students in grades one through eight. It is named after Sawnee Mountain, a five mile ridge in Forsyth County that was named for a local Cherokee that helped whites adjust to his native land. The Sawnee campus operated divided between a primary and elementary school for many years. In 2001 the original building was demolished, which was replaced with a new building in 2002. The primary and elementary schools were combined into one elementary school in 2007.

 Vision Statement: Investing in the future by preparing students today. 

Mission Statement: Sawnee Elementary creates an engaging learning environment which is student centered, enriched by all staff, and nurtured by home and community. 

"As a parent, this school has been very good. My children have excelled in class and the teachers have given them specialized attention in area when necessary. They are constantly keeping in touch with parents via emails and notes home regarding activities happening in class and at the school. When we first moved here from out of state, the principal was happy to speak with us about our children. Overall this school has been great."

"Both my children have grown up at Sawnee and we couldn't be happier. Loving teachers, excellent academics and wonderful family activities. Great special education services."

"My child's two teachers (she's in 5th grade) are two of the best teachers I have ever seen. I had actually requested that she be placed in her homeroom teacher's room, and we were thrilled when we found out that he would be her teacher this year! He teaches her Math and Science, and because of him, her grades have been excellent. And her teacher for ELA and Social studies is exceptional. Brilliant teacher, very creative and engaging who is close to being finished with her PhD. Plus both of them have excellent control of their classrooms (not an easy task, I know). But everyone, and I mean everyone, we work with from the school nurse, office support staff, Assistant Principal and the building maintenance staff ALL want the absolute best for my child. I wish we had moved to Forsyth County years ago just so we could have come to Sawnee Elementary sooner!" 

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