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4 Reasons to List Your Home During the Holidays

The air is getting colder. The days are getting shorter. The holiday season is right around the corner and there are only a few weeks until Christmas and the New Year.

For most people this is an exciting time of year. You may start dreaming of turkey and dressing, and find yourselves humming Christmas tunes.  

However, for those looking to sell your home, you may find yourself not looking forward to the season. 

Many believe the holiday season isn't a good time to list your home or even keep it on the market. That's not necessarily true though.

Here are few reasons why it might be in your best interest to sell during the "off season....''

1. Less Inventory means Less Competition

Traditionally people shy away from listing or keeping their home on the market over the holidays. This means there is less inventory, which means your home is more likely to be considered by buyers. Also, buyers who are searching over the holidays are extremely motivated. Both of these factors added together means you are more likely to sell your home quickly and for top dollar. 

2. Relocation Necessitates Moves Year Round

Many business men and women live mobile lifestyles. A promotion generally means a new location. Often times these positions start in January meaning families are looking for a new home before the new year. They may even be reimbursed for expenses if their company has a relocation package. Plus, some may need to buy before the end of the year for tax purposes.  These reasons provide extra motivation which means greater return for YOU! 

3. Internet Searches Surge During the Holidays

Holidays mean connecting with family and friends, cooking, shopping, and added time requirements. Plus, the weather might not be ideal. That means people searching for homes are going to do more research on the internet before getting out and visiting a home. If your home is only being advertised through direct-contact marketing (such as word of mouth and drive-by sightings) it is unlikely to generate much interest. However, if your home is on the market and being advertised correctly, it can work in your favor.  At The Mooney Group, we take marketing seriously. Rachel will help stage your home so that it looks its best. Then professional pictures will make your home stand out against other homes on the market to give you the edge over the competition. And, as stated above, the people viewing your home will be most likely be serious buyers.

4. You Will be Ready to Buy in Spring

If you sell your home over the holiday months you will be ready to buy during the spring season. This means you will be purchasing a home when the market is more saturated and prices are lower because sellers are competing for buyers. It's a win-win. Sell when you are more likely to get a higher price and then buy when the market is more saturated and your money can go further. 

Are you ready? Let's sell your home!

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